✓ Phase 1: Pre-Development & Planning

✓ Evaluate Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana.

✓ Consider transaction fees, processing speed, and ERC-20 token support.

✓ Phase 2: Smart Contract Development

✓ Ensure ERC-20 compliance.

✓ Code and test minting, burning, transfer, and approval functions.

✓ Phase 3: Security Measures

✓ Conduct smart contract audits.

✓ Perform comprehensive unit testing for each function.

✓ Deploy contracts on testnet for ICO simulation.

✓ Phase 4: Website Development

✓ Provide accessible whitepaper and technical documentation.

✓ Create an informative and engaging landing page.

✓ Phase 5: User Interface & Experience

✓ Ensure intuitive website navigation.

✓ Design for compatibility across devices and browsers.

✓ Phase 6: Compliance and Security Enhancement

✓ Review and adhere to legal requirements across jurisdictions.

✓ Phase 7: Technical Optimization

✓ Ensure infrastructure can handle high traffic and transactions.

Phase 8: Launch and Beyond

  • Launch influencer marketing and SMM.

  • Launch press release campaigns.

  • Launch airdrop campaign to attract new audience and participate in the ICO.

  • Launch shill campaign.

Phase 9: ICO Conclusion and Token Distribution

  • Summarize the ICO's achievements and key statistics.

Phase 10: Initial Exchange Listing and Market Preparation

  • Outline plans for the CRET token's initial listing on exchanges.

Phase 11: Platform Testing and Implementation

  • Explain the testing process for the CREAT'OR platform, including beta testing phases and community involvement

Ongoing: Community Engagement & Marketing Collaboration

  • Extend invitations to reputable marketers with expertise in De-Fi and crowdfunding.

  • Encourage interested professionals to reach out for collaboration opportunities.

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