CRET Token Staking Policy

Welcome to the CRET Token Staking Program, a unique opportunity for you to participate in the growth of the CREATOR project. Our staking model is tailored to provide substantial rewards, especially during the early stages of the project. Here’s everything you need to know about how you can benefit from staking CRET tokens.

Why Stake CRET Tokens?

  • Early-Stage Incentives: In the initial phase of the project, traditional incentives like voting rights and revenue sharing might not be very influential. Our staking model is designed to fill this gap, offering attractive rewards for early supporters.

  • Long-Term Growth: By staking your CRET tokens, you are contributing to the stability and security of the network, fostering long-term growth and sustainability.

Staking Rewards: An Increasing Pool

  • Initial Boost: The rewards begin high, providing early adopters with more substantial benefits.

  • Monthly Growth: Starting with a 1,000,000 CRET token allocation, the reward pool increases by 5% each month, ensuring a consistent incentive for participation.

How Rewards are Distributed

  • Regular Payouts: Rewards are distributed every 7.5 days.

  • Annual Allocation: A total of 28,132,384 tokens are allocated annually for staking, with a grand pool of 30,000,000 CRET tokens.

  • Rollover Mechanism: Unused tokens at month-end roll over to the next month, ensuring no loss in reward opportunities.

Participation Weight: Maximizing Your Rewards

  • Your Stake’s Weight: The more you stake, the higher your participation weight.

  • Staking Period Multiplier: Longer staking periods mean higher multipliers. Our formula is M = 1 + 0.5 ⋅ W, where W is the number of weeks staked (capped at 12).

Getting Started with Staking

  1. Choose Your Staking Amount: Decide on the number of CRET tokens you wish to stake.

  2. Select Your Staking Duration: Longer durations yield higher rewards.

  3. Receive Regular Rewards: Enjoy your staking rewards every 7.5 days.

Join the CRET Community

As a staker, you are not just an investor but also a valued member of the CRET community. Your participation helps secure our network and drives our project forward.

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