Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is CREAT'OR (CRET)?

CREAT'OR is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that connects investors with businesses seeking equity financing. It leverages the Ethereum blockchain to offer a decentralized, transparent, and efficient investment process.

How does CREAT'OR differ from traditional crowdfunding platforms?

Unlike traditional crowdfunding platforms, CREAT'OR integrates blockchain technology to offer enhanced security, transparency, and global accessibility. It allows for tokenization of investments, providing liquidity and ease of transferability of assets.

What blockchain does CREAT'OR operate on?

CREAT'OR mainly functions on the Ethereum blockchain, leveraging its solid infrastructure and broad acceptance to facilitate ERC-20 tokens. Additionally, CREAT'OR extends its operations to both the Ethereum Mainnet and the Arbitrum One networks, aiming to mitigate the operational expenses associated with gas fees.

Who can invest in CREAT'OR?

CREAT'OR is open to a broad audience, including retail investors, venture capitalists, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Some offerings may have regulatory restrictions; thus, users are advised to check the eligibility criteria for each investment opportunity.

What is Arbitrum?

Arbitrum is a layer 2 platform providing a faster and cheaper alternative to Ethereum. Transactions made on Arbitrum are executed off-chain for better performance, but get posted on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of rollups.

How are CRET tokens used?

CRET tokens offer a multifaceted utility for their holders within the CREAT'OR ecosystem, enhancing both profitability and engagement in various ways:

  1. Reduced Platform Fees: Holders benefit from a sliding scale of discounts on platform fees, such as investment transactions and withdrawals, where the discount level increases with the number of tokens held.

  2. Staking Rewards and DAO Participation: By staking CRET tokens, investors can earn rewards, constituting a significant passive income stream. Additionally, top token holders gain an influential role in the platform's DAO, participating in key decisions like project listings.

  3. Early Access and Leadership Opportunities: Token holders receive early access to new investment opportunities, potentially securing better terms. Significant investments may also lead to strategic roles within funded companies, such as board positions or advisory roles.

  4. NFT-Based Benefits: Investments are represented through unique NFTs, offering liquidity and tradability on secondary markets. These NFTs symbolize rights and perks, including dividends and voting rights.

  5. Tiered Rewards System: A tiered system provides varying levels of benefits based on token holdings, with higher tiers accessing more exclusive advantages.

  6. Equity Rewards and Project Insights: A portion of equity in listed companies is allocated as rewards for top investors. A blockchain-integrated dashboard offers real-time data and analytics on projects, enhancing informed decision-making.

  7. Exclusive Insights and Events: The 'CREAT'OR Insider' subscription service provides detailed analyses and direct interactions with project teams. High-tier token holders also receive special invites to events, offering networking opportunities.

  8. Educational Resources: CREAT'OR University offers webinars, courses, and articles on investment strategies and industry trends, tailored to different investor tiers.

These features collectively aim to align investors' interests with the long-term success of their investments and the overall growth of the CREAT'OR ecosystem.

What measures are in place to ensure the security of investments?

CREAT'OR prioritizes security by conducting thorough smart contract audits, implementing robust cybersecurity measures, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

How does CREAT'OR ensure regulatory compliance?

Creat'or operates as a SaaS platform that facilitates connections between companies and investors, emphasizing a decentralized approach to operations. To ensure regulatory compliance across the diverse jurisdictions it operates in, the platform collaborates with legal professionals. This partnership enables CREAT'OR to remain aligned with the necessary legal and regulatory standards applicable in each area of operation.

What is the total supply of CRET tokens?

The total supply of CRET tokens is fixed at 500 million, with allocations for presale, team, marketing, reserves, and other operational necessities as detailed in the Tokenomics section of the whitepaper.

What happens if the ICO does not reach its hard cap?

If the ICO fails to reach its hard cap, the remaining tokens may be burned, redistributed, or reserved for future funding rounds, as determined by the governance model of CREAT'OR.

How can I stay updated on CREAT'OR's developments?

To stay informed about CREAT'OR's latest news and developments, follow our official social media channels, subscribe to our newsletter, and regularly check our website and Help Centre for updates.

Who can I contact for support or more information?

For support or additional information, please contact our customer service team through the support page on our website or reach out to us via our official social media accounts.

How will CRET ICO tokens be distributed?

The CRET ICO tokens will be efficiently distributed on the Ethereum Layer 2 Arbitrum network using a "multisend" function in our smart contract, allowing for over 200 transactions to be conducted simultaneously for a quick and streamlined process. As an added benefit, ICO investors will receive a free airdrop, automatically credited to their Arbitrum network addresses through this "multisend" function. It's important for investors to have a compatible wallet on the Arbitrum network ready to receive their tokens and airdrop without delay. While CRET tokens on Arbitrum are primarily for use within our SaaS platform and cannot be directly transferred, they can be bridged to the Ethereum mainnet via our platform, subject to a gas fee, for broader utility. We encourage our investors to stay alert for the upcoming announcements on specific dates for the token distribution and airdrop through our official communication channels.

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