Community Involvement

Robust and Transparent Governance Mechanism:

  • CREAT'OR implements a comprehensive governance system that deeply involves the community in decision-making processes. This system is built on the principles of decentralized finance (De-Fi), ensuring that token holders can actively participate in shaping the platform's future. The "CREAT'OR Democracy in Action" initiative exemplifies this approach, where token holders engage in governance and decision-making through a tiered and staking-based voting system. This structure not only encourages long-term investment but also democratizes the platform's evolution, aligning with CREAT'OR's overarching goals and values.

Formation and Jurisdiction

Regulatory Consideration:

  • CREAT'OR is exploring jurisdictions like Switzerland, Malta, or Singapore for its operations, each known for their crypto-friendly regulatory environments. This strategic consideration aims to position CREAT'OR in a regulatory framework that supports cryptocurrency and blockchain-based businesses, ensuring compliance and operational efficiency.

Financial Plans


  • CREAT'OR's financial strategy is comprehensive, encompassing revenue projections, cost analysis, and funding requirements to guide its growth trajectory. The financial plan projects significant growth in EBITDA and company valuation over a five-year period. This projection is indicative of CREAT'OR's commitment to creating a sustainable and profitable platform, leveraging its unique position in the market and the innovative use of blockchain technology.

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